NC NAACP stands in full support of LGBTQ Methodists; launches statewide listening tour

The NC NAACP is standing in full support of LGBTQ members of the Methodist Church International and those hurt by the decision made this week to support the “Traditional Plan." Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman, President of the Board stated, “We understand all too well how colonialism, racism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia all share the same insidious roots of oppression, exclusionism and white supremacy. That is why we stand now with the LGBTQ community.” Bishop Tonyia Rawls, Inaugural Chair of the LGBTQ Committee of the Executive Board of the NAACP’s State Conference notes, “We are committed to equal protection under the law for all residents of our state and look to the margins to find

Photos and video: Celebrating the Chapel Hill Nine

Last week, 160 members of our community, including many high school students, came out to hear the story of how high school students stood up to Big Jim Crow in Chapel Hill 59 years ago and the walls of segregation came tumbling down. You can watch this recording of the event, featuring three of the four remaining members of the Chapel Hill Nine, Jim Merritt, Dave Mason and Albert Williams, and also click through this photo gallery.

You can help fund renewable scholarships

You may have heard that this year we are making our branch’s NAACP scholarships renewable, meaning they will not be just be one-time awards. The good news is that is true. But that also means we need more money to make that happen. Our scholarship fundraising campaign is called “Chapel Hill and Carrboro Give Back” and we want to hit our new fundraising goal by April 1, so we need your help now! First, we’re asking that you—our close supporters and NAACP members—support “Chapel Hill and Carrboro Give Back.” Just click HERE to make your personal donation! Next, fund raise with your friends, co-workers and places where you do business! Start with anyone that supports our mission and use the cop

Give the NCBE input on rules around voter ID

The NC Board of Elections has a public comment portal as part of the rule-making process to solidify how county boards of election will offer free photo ID to voters. You can offer your comments online here before March 15, or you can appear in person for the hearing on March 13. These rules will impact how the county boards distribute their free ID cards, how colleges and universities will be mandated to approve student IDs, and what kind of exceptions will allowed. Democracy NC has a list here of ideas for what voter-friendly comments to suggest.

Honoring the Chapel Hill Nine with Site Dedication and Community Celebration

On Sunday, Feb. 28, 1960, nine young men from Chapel Hill's all-black Lincoln High School sat at a booth in the Colonial Drug Store and sought the same service that was given to white customers. Their courageous step sparked a decade of direct-action civil rights demonstrations in Chapel Hill. At 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28, the Town of Chapel Hill will begin to honor that action by dedicating a site for a permanent historical marker at 405 W. Franklin St., followed by a community celebration at First Baptist Church. The Town will unveil a rendering of the commemorative marker outside of the West End Wine Bar, which occupies the space where Colonial Drug used to be. The marker itself will

Why Founders Day is something we celebrate

Until the rights enshrined in the Constitution are truly extended to all Americans, there can be no perfect union. This was a fundamental tenet the NAACP’s founders understood from the beginning. That same tenet has guided our work since 1909 and remains in our hearts as we celebrate Founders Day. From bold investigations of mob brutality, to protests of mass murders, segregation, and discrimination, to testifying before congressional committees on vicious tactics to suppress the vote, it was the tenacity of NAACP members that made transformative change and saved lives. And today, I’m calling on supporters like you to become part of this storied collection of fighters for justice by beco

OC Justice grades Board of Ed efforts 'incomplete'

More than 35 Orange County Justice United members gave the Board of Education a progress report card grade of “incomplete” on meeting the commitments it made last spring to increase teacher diversity and to hire more bi-lingual staff within Orange County Schools. Justice United leaders called on Board Chair Brenda Stephens and Superintendent Todd Wirt to attend their public assembly on May 9 to report how they would meet these goals over the next hiring season this summer, and to convene a working meeting with JU leaders prior to May 9 so that they could shape teacher hiring strategies together. Justice United's invites you to save the date for their next Countywide Leaders Meeting (Thursday

Groups raising money for local victims of ICE raids

In response to the ICE and HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) raids conducted last week in Lee, Durham and many other counties across North Carolina, El Centro Hispano and The Hispanic Liaison have joined forces to create a “Liberation Not Deportation Regional Fund”. This regional fund will help pay for legal representation fees for families impacted. “This last week has been overwhelming for our community. The separation of families, panic and hurtful tactics used by ICE are outrageous. With this fund, and our collective work, we seek to support the families affected by the raids and help alleviate the psychological toll it has taken in our community”, said Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, Presid

Senate to vote on Barr nomination

​On February 7, 2019, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted, by a margin of 12 yeas to 10 nays and along straight party lines, to send the nomination of William P. Barr to the floor of the full Senate with a positive recommendation for consideration. We now need to contact the entire Senate and urge that they oppose this misguided nomination. For more information on this NAACP-opposed nominee or on how you can make a difference, please see the attached Action Alert and take Fast Action. Hilary Shelton Director, NAACP Washington Bureau & SVP Advocacy & Policy

Help us protect Tarheel mobile homes Feb. 13

Save the date: Feb. 13 On Feb. 13 the Chapel Hill Town Council will be asked to consider plans for re-zoning for the construction of a new gas station and self-storage units that will potentially displace residents of Tarheel Mobile Home Park. While we won't know the exact plans until the day before at the Housing Advisory Board, we believe that it is likely that we will need to mobilize NAACP members to attend the Feb. 13 town hall meeting in support of the residents of Tarheel Mobile Homes. No one should lose their home to make space for self-storage units. Please save this date and check our website for up to date announcements.

Our legacy is unstoppable

Black History Month is a special time to pause and celebrate the trials and triumphs of generations of Black people who have shaped this nation and pushed it closer to becoming the country it claimed to be at its founding. From anti-lynching laws and the desegregation of public schools to voting rights and criminal justice reform, NAACP members have fought for and won monumental victories that made our country better not only for Black people, but for all marginalized communities. However, the news reminds us each day that now is not the time to rest on our laurels; there’s still so much to fight for to keep America moving toward progress. That’s why this Black History Month, NAACP is ch


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