The branch elected the following officers during our November 2020 election:

President: Dawna Jones, president@chcnaacp.com

1st Vice President: Diane Robertson

2nd Vice President: Joal Broun

3rd Vice President: Anna Richards, annarichards5689@gmail.com

Secretary: Paris Miller, info@chcnaacp.com

Assistant Secretary: Margaret Krome-Lukens, assistantsecretary5689@gmail.com

Treasurer: Deborah Stroman, treasurer@chcnaacp.com

Assistant Treasurer: Lonnie Merrick, lonnie.merrick5689@gmail.com


Members at Large: Robert Campbell, Evan Markfield, Jonah Garson, Delores Bailey, Valerie Foushee, Dianne Jackson, Rebecca Cerese, Mary Phillips, Trevor Holman, Evelyn Gordon, Heather Brutz, Barbara Foushee, Jesse Gibson, Braxton Foushee, Robin Campbell, and Gloria Thomas


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