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Help Us Cover Local Government Meetings

So many folks these days want to do something — anything — to help. But they don't quite know what or how Or time is limited.

We have an easy answer: We are looking for members to attend local government meetings in Chapel Hill and Carrboro for your NAACP branch. It's easy, only takes one evening, and would be a great asset to our effort to monitor our local elected officials. Local government is not only closest to us, but where so much that affects our daily lives is decided-be present to see and report on how policy and decisions are being made. This is a great way to support the branch AND stay informed about what's going on in your community.

Click here to sign up for a meeting that fits your schedule. (You can also reach the link through the Political Action Committee's page on the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP branch website.) Once you sign up, you'll receive further, but easy, instructions via email.

Feel free to email with any questions. And sign up as many times as you like!

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