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Why Founders Day is something we celebrate

Until the rights enshrined in the Constitution are truly extended to all Americans, there can be no perfect union. This was a fundamental tenet the NAACP’s founders understood from the beginning. That same tenet has guided our work since 1909 and remains in our hearts as we celebrate Founders Day. From bold investigations of mob brutality, to protests of mass murders, segregation, and discrimination, to testifying before congressional committees on vicious tactics to suppress the vote, it was the tenacity of NAACP members that made transformative change and saved lives. And today, I’m calling on supporters like you to become part of this storied collection of fighters for justice by becoming a member of the NAACP today. Joining the NAACP right now is a way to take your civic engagement further and help grow our reach in the fight to end injustice in America. It is urgent that those of us who believe in justice and equality for all come together. Just last week, the President used his State of the Union address to spew racist rhetoric while failing to address the voter suppression, over-policing, gun violence, and xenophobic immigration policies that his administration has instituted. From Capitol Hill to the halls of state houses across the country, lawmakers continue to implement policies that inflict pain and suffering on communities of color, the poor, the LGBT community, women, and immigrants. We can’t let any of this stand. We have a responsibility to fight against the forces of racism and division—to do what we can in our time to make our nation better. Join the NAACP today. Together, we can stop hate and oppression in their tracks and carry forward the proud legacy of the NAACP’s founders. In solidarity, Derrick Johnson @DerrickNAACP President and CEO NAACP

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