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Candidate Questionnaires

Election day is Tuesday, November 5th, 2019. Find more election information here.

Our Political Action Committee sent candidates questions on racial equity, affordable housing, taxation, neighborhood development, transportation, environmental justice, policing, business and wages, community engagement, the census, and more. Read their responses below.

Chapel Hill and Carrboro City Board of Education Candidates (4 seats open)

Rani Dasi

Jillian La Serna

Deon Temne

Ashton Powell

Andrew Davidson

Carrboro Board of Alderman Candidates (3 seats open)

Susan Romaine

Steve Friedman

Sammy Slade

Matthew Clements

Matt Neal - responded that he will be addressing these questions via Facebook 

Damon Seils

Carrboro Mayoral Candidate

Lydia Lavelle

Chapel Hill Town Council Candidates (4 seats open)

Tai Huynh

Sue Hunter

Renuka Soll

Nancy Oates

Michael Parker

Jessica Anderson

Amy Ryan

Chapel Hill Mayoral Candidate

Pamela Hemminger

Joshua Levenson

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