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Our legacy is unstoppable

Black History Month is a special time to pause and celebrate the trials and triumphs of generations of Black people who have shaped this nation and pushed it closer to becoming the country it claimed to be at its founding. From anti-lynching laws and the desegregation of public schools to voting rights and criminal justice reform, NAACP members have fought for and won monumental victories that made our country better not only for Black people, but for all marginalized communities. However, the news reminds us each day that now is not the time to rest on our laurels; there’s still so much to fight for to keep America moving toward progress. That’s why this Black History Month, NAACP is challenging all of our supporters to step up and play an even bigger role in our organization by becoming members of the NAACP. Voting rights are under assault in states across the country. The justice system still only works for some. Black people—regardless of money and fame—can still be arrested, beaten, or worse for simply existing in certain spaces. Many of our schools and communities remain underfunded and ignored by people in power. To combat these challenges before us today, we have to recognize a long-standing truth: there’s strength in numbers. Just as those who came before us harnessed their collective power to create change, we must do the same in our time. So, as we all celebrate Black stories and Black excellence this month, I hope you’ll take up the challenge and join us. With you as our newest member, we’ll be even bigger and bolder in the fight against injustice. In solidarity, Derrick Johnson @DerrickNAACP President and CEO NAACP

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