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Groups raising money for local victims of ICE raids

In response to the ICE and HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) raids conducted last week in Lee, Durham and many other counties across North Carolina, El Centro Hispano and The Hispanic Liaison have joined forces to create a “Liberation Not Deportation Regional Fund”. This regional fund will help pay for legal representation fees for families impacted.

“This last week has been overwhelming for our community. The separation of families, panic and hurtful tactics used by ICE are outrageous. With this fund, and our collective work, we seek to support the families affected by the raids and help alleviate the psychological toll it has taken in our community”, said Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, President and CEO of El Centro Hispano. “This is a time for our people to unite and work together to protect the community”, added Rocha-Goldberg.

The immediate goal is to raise $30,000 in 30 days. The donations to the “Liberation Not Deportation Regional Fund” will be used to help families impacted by these raids in Durham, Orange, Chatham, Lee, Randolph and Wake counties stand a chance to reunite with their loved ones.

“We are heartbroken for the panic and suffering that the ICE raids are causing our community. The task now is to help impacted families connect to the resources they need”, said Ilana Dubester, Executive Director of The Hispanic Liaison. “Given the statement from ICE that this is our “new normal”, we’ll be working with our partners to defend and advance the rights of immigrants in North Carolina”, she added.

El Centro Hispano and The Hispanic Liaison stand united in condemning ICE’s “New Normal” tactics to intimidate and frighten our communities. Families belong together, our country is stronger because of its diversity and the contributions of immigrants to our communities.

For more information or to seek help, contact El Centro Hispano at (919) 687-4635 or The Hispanic Liaison at (919)742-1448.

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