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Voting Rights Event in Raleigh, June 12

In North Carolina, legislators famously were so blatant with their assault on the vote that it was described as targeting “African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

From carving up districts and implementing restrictive voter ID laws to refusing to process voter registration forms and cutting early voting times and locations, those who want to strip away the political voice of African-Americans have used every tactic to block us from the polls.

We are hosting a series of listening sessions and we need our supporters to attend the events to show that voting rights is an issue that people care about deeply.

Voting Rights - People's Hearing and Reception When: Wednesday, June 12, 6:00 PM Where: 1040 Buck Jones Rd

Raleigh, NC 27606 RSVP

This will be an opportunity to hear from local leaders and community members about how voter suppression has impacted voting throughout North Carolina, and to learn how the NAACP is working with partners to combat attempts to thwart the power of the Black vote. If you can’t attend but have a personal experience with voter suppression, you can play a part in the fight by sharing your story with us. We’re building an archive of stories to have ready when the naysayers make claims that voter suppression is a myth.

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