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Here's a chance to support affordable housing in Carrboro

Here's an opportunity to advocate for affordable housing and help create a full range of affordable housing options to put people in homes now! Ask the Carrboro Board of Adjustment to support building affordable housing and grant the Hill Street Pee Wee Homes variance request.

Please email or call the Carrboro Planning Department (now or before Wednesday at 5pm). Ask the Board of Adjustment to grant the variance request and support the Pee Wee Homes Hill Street (Northside) Project. Email: Phone: 919-918-7324 Carrboro Affordable Housing Advisory Commission made a recommendation to donate town-owned land to Pee Wee Homes to build three dignified and affordable homes on Hill Street. Pee Wee Homes has requested a variance. And it is my understanding that the Board of Adjustment will meet this Wednesday to approve or deny the request for variance. The site plan will make smart and efficient use of land, is supported by neighbors, is in walking distance to grocery stores and bus lines and will have on-site parking. The plan also protects the environment and access to the underground piped stream and will meet all building and fire codes and land use ordinances. A variance is "a request to deviate from current zoning requirements. If granted, it permits [Pee Wee Homes] to use the land in a manner not otherwise permitted by the zoning ordinance." 1. Pee Wee homes builds homes serving people who earn less than 30% AMI, and especially works to house the homeless. 2. Carrboro has a gap of 225 units for residents in this income range. 3. 81-94% of renters in this income range are cost burdened, paying more than 30% of their income on housing – this is because there aren’t available units that they can afford. 4. We have very few town owned parcels identified as potentially usable for affordable housing, and this is one of those parcels. 5. The land has development constraints which make it difficult to build on, including steep sloping and a piped stream. 6. The proposed plan maintains easy access to the pipe for any maintenance needs. 7. The development has the support of the Jackson Center, Compass Group, and AHAC. 8. Even putting 3 small homes on this parcel will use up less land area than a typical home in this neighborhood (1095 vs. 1750sqft).

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