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PAC gets grant, needs GOTV volunteers

Blueprint NC is a non-profit organization that works with partner organizations across the state to “address the complex issues of racial injustice, the massive and growing gap between the richest and poorest, and the privatization of public resources for private financial gain.”

By working together, the goal of upcoming elections is to increase participation of minority voters. According to their website, Blueprint NC states “We believe our partners must work effectively together and through this framework to understand the barriers that people of color face to fully participating in our democracy.”

This summer the organization Blueprint NC reached out to local organizations to apply for grant funding to increase participation in this fall's upcoming elections.

The Political Action Committee worked together to decide where we could use money to support our Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts this fall. It was decided that more emphasis should be put on sending out handwritten and personal postcards, but also some time should be spent knocking on doors.

In order to fully fund these efforts, we asked Blueprint NC for funding for postcards, as well as stamps (an often overlooked cost of GOTV efforts). These postcards and door knocks will be focused on a handful of precincts inside Orange County with the lowest turnouts and highest diversity. The goal is to invite residents to participate in local elections by reminding them what local offices are up for election and how those elected can have a personal impact on their lives.

In late September and early October, the Political Action Committee will be busy writing postcards to send out, and safely knocking on doors and leaving literature to those we hope to engage in these local elections. Door hangers and postcards are especially effective in reminding voters about the WHO, WHERE & WHEN for elections.

It is incredibly important to remember that local elections have enormous impacts on the lives of the community we all participate in. We can't do this without you. If we have a big team, it will be a light lift for everyone.

Please send your contact information to Nicole ( with a message of how you can help:

· Write postcards.

· Leave door hangers.

· I can do both!

Forward Together!

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