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NC NAACP celebrates Supreme Court's ruling

RALEIGH, NC - The NAACP North Carolina State Conference, the state's leading civil rights organization, celebrates today's landmark ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States as a major victory for voting rights, checks and balances, and the sanctity of our democracy. The decision, in the case of Moore v. Harper, emphatically rejects North Carolina lawmakers' desperate attempt to undermine free and fair elections and recognizes the crucial role that state courts play in safeguarding the integrity of our electoral system. In response to the ruling, President Deborah Maxwell of the NAACP North Carolina State Conference issued the following statement: "Today's ruling is a major victory for voting rights, for checks and balances, and for everyone who values the sanctity of our democracy in the United States. By rejecting North Carolina lawmakers' desperate attempt to undermine free and fair elections, the Supreme Court has recognized the critical role state courts play in overseeing election decisions – just as the founders intended." President Maxwell further emphasized the significance of the Supreme Court's decision, stating, "The Supreme Court's decision is an extraordinary defeat for power-hungry politicians who tried to stay in power by manipulating voting maps, undermining commonsense election rules, suppressing votes, and sowing chaos and doubt in democratic institutions." "This is the final nail in the coffin for the 'Independent State Legislature Theory' – an extreme, fringe doctrine that North Carolina lawmakers recklessly dredged up in this case to dodge the checks and balances long served by state courts and governors," added President Maxwell. The NAACP North Carolina State Conference firmly believes that every voter has the right to cast a ballot in free and fair elections, allowing all individuals to have a say in the future of their families and neighborhoods. This Supreme Court decision in Moore v. Harper firmly secures the freedom to vote for issues that matter most to us, such as better schools, affordable healthcare, and a stronger economy. President Maxwell highlighted the importance of state courts across the nation in upholding the integrity of elections, stating, "State courts around the nation can keep our elections free of manipulation by holding state lawmakers accountable and ensuring voters have the rights, representation, and resources they deserve and the law demands." The NAACP North Carolina State Conference will continue to advocate for voting rights, equitable representation, and the protection of democratic institutions, working tirelessly to ensure that every citizen can exercise their fundamental right to vote.

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