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Support for Maya Little

SUPPORT JUSTICE – SUPPORT MAYA LITTLE’S PETITION On Monday, May 30, 2018, Maya Little, a Ph.D. student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, lobbed red paint and her own blood on UNC’s Silent Sam statue in protest of the statue’s racist legacy. Maya was arrested by UNC Police for defacing a public monument and will soon face a review by the UNC Honors Court. The Chapel Hill – Carrboro Branch of the NAACP asks that everyone reading this support Ms. Little by signing her petition. You can sign the petition by clicking here. For decades, UNC students and students from other schools have defaced Silent Sam with paint around sporting events. Never has anyone been arrested or brought before the UNC Honors Court for it. The statue is regularly festooned with women’s underwear. Never has anyone been arrested or brought before the UNC Honors Court for that. Defacing a public monument in drunken college sports revelry is apparently approved speech in Chapel Hill, but doing so to plead for relief from a racist symbol might just be a crime and cost Maya the pursuit of her Ph.D. If you feel this is unfair, please sign Maya’s petition by clicking here. The university is discriminating based on the content of Maya’s speech and apparently, based on who Maya is. Equal treatment seems at risk here. You can help. Click here and sign the petition. For recent news coverage of Maya’s story, click the links below.

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