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Branch offers match for OC Bail Bond Justice Fund donations

The Orange County Bail Bond Justice Project (OCBBJ), a new organization, seeks to amass a $50,000 revolving bail fund from area individuals, businesses and organizations so that people in Orange County who cannot afford to pay their bail or post bond do not have to remain in jail awaiting resolution of misdemeanor or low-level felony charges.

Beginning today and running through the end of January 2020, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro branch of the NAACP will match donations to the Orange County Bail Bond Justice fund dollar for dollar. The local NAACP branch has committed $1,000 to matching donations.

Under the OCBBJ’s new program, once those accused show up for trial, the money for the bail is returned to the fund, making the fund a sustaining asset to the community.

“People should not have to stay in jail on pre-trial detention just because they do not have money,” said NAACP Branch President Anna Richards.

Richards explained that indefinite detention due to unaffordable bail over theft charges for a candy bar or a rotisserie chicken causes people to lose jobs, their homes and custody of their children, escalating harm that poor people and people of color are particularly susceptible to.

“Because of how cash bail affects our constituencies, we seek get the fund up and running by matching donations—turning individual $100 donations to the OCBBJ fund into $200 donations.”

Donations to the OCBBJ fund can be made using the OCBBJ Go Fund Me link.

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