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Business as usual may cost us our lives

If the past week has proven anything, it’s that we can’t leave anything up to chance.

Just 7 days ago, we launched the #WeAreDoneDying movement and the public response has been extraordinary. Because of your support, thousands of people have been motivated to take a stance in their communities and fight for the protection of African American people. We’ve seen the first steps toward justice in the case of Ahmaud Arbery, and organizers across the country are calling attention to the unjust killing of Sean Reed in Indianapolis and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky. For a minute there, at the dreadful start of the national crisis, it looked like we were all in this together. And then we weren't. Once again our community is being subjected to an intentional and diabolical disregard of Black lives. For the first time, data has shown the specified infection and death rates of COVID-19 by race. As soon as it became clear that Black people are disproportionately dying from this pandemic, states have begun to ease their mandatory safety precautions at the behest of armed protestors. It seems now that our country is no longer all in this together. The data is clear: “Business as usual” is going to cost us our lives, but you can change this. We may be getting attacked from all corners, but We Are Done Dying. This country was infected with racism and bigotry long before it was infected with the coronavirus. The same people that are shooting us dead in the street, are the same people that are eager to push Black people to the frontlines of a fatal exposure. Volunteer with us today to ensure we have enough support to fight this battle. By adding your voice and your impact to the #WeAreDoneDying movement, you’ll be making it known that Black lives are not disposable. The future of our community depends on how we advocate for ourselves today. Will you join us, or will you leave it up to chance?

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