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HOPE In ACTION: Living A World Into Existence!

Join the branch for our motorcade and invite friends, families and allies to this pandemic-safe action of unity. Our branch will video a ‘funeral cortège’ to demonstrate that we are burying oppression and creating a new world of equality for everyone. The video will be submitted for the statewide HKonJ event on Feb. 13.

When: February 6th @ 10:30 AM. Assemble and put signs on your vehicles. We will roll out at 11 a.m. sharp and be through in plenty of time to attend the zoom branch meeting at 1 p.m.

Where: Lower parking lot of Chapel Hill Library where we will line up cars and proceed slowly down Franklin Street to Carrboro Town Hall. At the end we will disperse from there.

We will have some signs for your cars or you can make your own. You can safely attach with painters tape.

  • Bury Racism

  • Fight Poverty Not the Poor

  • Health Care is a Right

  • Health Care for All

  • Expand Medicaid Now

  • Mental Health Care Now

  • Safe Affordable Child Care for All

  • EquALLity

  • 1898 Wilmington Massacre was a Hate Crime

  • 1979 Greensboro Massacre was a Hate Crime

  • We Demand a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

  • Expand Voter Rights

  • No Voter ID

  • Lift Every HBCU

  • Affordable Housing for All

  • Protect and Preserve Our Neighborhoods

  • End Cash Bail

  • Equality in the Justice System

  • Environmental Justice for All

  • Green Jobs in NC

  • We are All Immigrants

  • No Human is Illegal

  • Children Belong in School Not Cages

  • Make Good Trouble

  • Why is Ending Racism a Debate?

  • Equal Rights for All

  • Men of Quality Do Not Fear Equality

  • Girls are Strong

  • Power to the Peaceful

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Black Queer Lives Matter

  • Black Women Matter

  • Love Wins

  • Justice=Peace

  • White Silence=Violence

  • I Can’t Breathe

  • Demilitarize the police

  • Justice>just Bury the War Economy

  • Bury White Supremacy

  • Fully Fund Education

  • Bury Resegregation

  • Forgive Student Loans

  • EquALLity Education

  • Everybody’s Got a Right to Live

  • Living Wages is a Right!

  • RaiseUp $15.00

  • We Stand with Farm Workers

  • Poverty is Not a Crime

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