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Your guide to Earth Day 2021

This Thursday, April 22, is Earth Day. Despite the attention given to environmental issues overall, less has been given to the ways that environment and climate equity is often lacking.

Environmental equity means protection from environmental hazards as well as access to environmental benefits, regardless of income, race and other characteristics. As you may know, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP is hard at work establishing our Environmental and Climate Justice Committee.

As part of their work, we want to share some news, events and resources that you can engage with this year during Earth Day – and beyond.


To celebrate Earth Day and promote the Carrboro Community Climate Action Plan, join in the Earth Day Food Footprint Food Sale. A primary goal of Carrboro's Community Climate Action Plan is to reduce carbon emissions. Reducing ones' food footprint reduces carbon emissions. At the Food Footprint food sale you can enjoy and explore our local plant-based food choices and the businesses that provide them.

The event is sponsored by the Town of Carrboro, Present Day on Main and Climate Reality Project, Orange County Chapter.

Cover art by Kaleb McLaurin (below) will be painted live on a picnic table during the food sale. The table is part of the I AM SOTERIA and Friends: Turning The Table project and will remain in community space for future community use.

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